Thursday, January 31, 2008

What's up DTE Energy? No Power!!

Our power has been out since 2 am Wednesday morning. Tuesdays and Wednesdays weather was crazy. The wind gust were up to 50 mph. The wind never seemed to stop. We don't own a generator. Which now I'm starting to think would be a good investment. My husband has been driving the company truck the past few years and wouldn't you know it has a huge generator in the back. So, he hooked it up yesterday. It was nice to have heat. It was freezing in the house. Our basement did flood before he could get the generator hooked up. Need power for the sump pump to work. It's amazing how disconnected I feel from the world when I don't have a computer to use or a tv to watch. I left a few links on this blog if any one else is having power problems or just want to check the weather. Our power seems to go out a lot. It even goes out quit often in the summer when it's totally georgous outside. It's about once a month in the summer. It's starting to make me wonder about our power grid. Guess the country needs to do some updating.

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