Sunday, March 30, 2008

I found this great website

I joined this great site a few days ago. It's called Link There so many very interesting blogs to read. It's also nice to have people comment on my blogs so that I can make improvements where I need to. Thanks to everyone for the nice comments. It's given me some encouragement with this new blogging thing that I've started.

Our Reviews
"Hang in there mommy..I raised 3 daughters myself and know what you are going I have 3 wonderful grandaughters! Whew ...great blogspot and wonderful content...thanks!"

"Keep going dear ...All the very best... very interesting thoughts u have/..."

"It felt warm and cozy. Nice family pictures."

"Love your site but not much on blogs, much rather the good old guest book. Take care, be back. Wayne, The Vagabond Writer"

"Great blog with lots of interesting posts! Good luck with the adoption process, no wonder it is so difficult for people to adopt. There should be no fee for people who only want to give a needy child a good, loving home! I'll keep my fingers crossed for you! xx"

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