Thursday, March 20, 2008

My Movie Reviews

Horton Hears a Who

This weekend we took our 3 1/2 year old to the movies for the first time. We decided to see Horton Hears a who. We picked this movies since the Dr. Seuss book is my all time favorite. It's about an elephant who finds a dust spec with an entire town living on it. It's a town full of who's. Horton tries his best to keep the town safe. Everyone that Horton knows thinks he is crazy and they just want to throw the dust spec away. Horton makes a great effort to save the who town. He feels that a persons a person no matter how small. The movie was great. I loved it. The movie put light to the characters in the book. Horton is so cute. I did notice a few lines in the movie were from Horton Hatches an Egg. Another one of my favorite children's books. I love how they make cartoons look life like these day. So fantastic! I'm definitely going to buy this movie for our collection once it hits store shelves. I would recommend taking your kids to see this one. It's rated G. It's definitely a movie to enjoy on the big screen.

Battlestar Galactica: Season 3

If you're a sci fi fanatic like I am, than you will just love this series. It was originally aired on the sci fi channel. The hubby and me are addicted. Took me a while to warm up to watching it but once I did I couldn't wait for the next episode. We never did get to see season 3 and 4. So we rented it from Net Flix. Season 3 just came out this past Tuesday on DVD. There are 6 DVD's to watch and they are 3 hours a piece. Me and the hubby have been up until mid-night ever night this week watching and wanting more. I would definitely recommend this series. There still is season 4 that soon will be released and that's all for that series. They stopped filming about 2 years ago. I was so bummed out that it was the end for Battlestar Galatica. There also is the first Battlestar Galactica that came out in the late 70's that aired on regular TV. We bought all the episodes from the old series and I think they are so corny. But I sure loved watching them as a kid. I've attached the description of what the new Battlestar Galactica is all about. Enjoy!!

The third season of this popular sci-fi drama picks up where the 10-part series of "Webisodes" left off, with Tigh (Michael Hogan), Tyrol (Aaron Douglas) and Anders (Michael Trucco) leading resistance forces on New Caprica in attacks against their Cylon oppressors. Elsewhere, a reluctant Starbuck (Katee Sackhoff) is enduring forced cohabitation with Leoben Conoy (Callum Keith Rennie), a humanoid Cylon agent she despises.


  1. I want to see Horton too! With a computer they can really make things come to life.

  2. Dr. Seuss is classic; after seeing Horton Hears a Who i was reminded how much that guy can pack into a simple storyline... they didn't add much to the original story either except for the usual Jim Carreyisms.


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