Sunday, April 27, 2008

My Sister's Photography

Just wanted to share some of my sister photography work she did on my grandparents. I'm so proud of her. Good job little sister!!!

This picture was taken at the cottage that my grandparents built in 1947. We love it so much out there. If you look closely you can see the images of my grandparents faces to the right on the picture.

This tree is in my grandparents back yard. Me and the sister use to play under it as kids. Great memories!!


  1. Love the pictures. I couldn't see your grandparents in the first one. Am I missing something. I still really liked the pictures.

  2. When you say "look closely" you mean "LOOK CLOSELY". Can you sis bring the pics closer to the front?

  3. siteseer helped me so now I see your grandparents. I just needed a little help.


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