Thursday, April 17, 2008

Thursday Thirteen-1st Edition

This is my 1st edition of Thursday thirteen. These are 13 things I want to accomplish in this life.

Thirteen Things I want to accomplish in this life

1. Finish college and get my bachelors in accounting.
2. Have one more kid.
3. Own our dream house on the water. Either the ocean or a lake.
4. Meet my fathers biological family.
5. Never have panic attacks every again.
6. Travel Europe.
7. Own a second vacation home in Key West, Florida.
8. Learn how to scuba dive and go on several dive trips around the world.
9. Learn how to play my guitar.
10.Learn how to speak Greek
11.Visit a Cherokee Indian Reservation and learn about their culture.
12.Lose weight and be a size 7 again. LOL!!
13. Move out of Michigan and live in a warmer state.


  1. Hi,

    I did my first edition of Thursday Thirteen as well.

    I have lived in the South all my life and love it. I can't imagine living in a cold environment. Of course, we hardly ever get snow but that's ok. Mild winters are a lot of fun.

  2. Great goals! I am totally up for living on the water and a vacation home! Now, if I could learn to save money.

  3. I know you will do everything on your list! Happy TT

  4. Great TT. Hope you accomplish all of them. Of course you will - you have a lifetime lol. Be sure and stop by my tt

  5. I hope you accomplish your goals. I'd love to be a size 7 someday, but I don't think it will happen anytime soon. Welcome to the world of TT!

  6. I got an associates in accounting. Best piece of paper I ever earned.

    I'm here:

  7. Good luck with your goals. Happy TT.

  8. Good luck with all of those!


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