Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Web Based Business Shopping Cart Software

I've always loved jewelry and thought about starting my own on line business. I wondered what's actually required to do that? I came across this site that helps with the process. Ashop commerce is a site that offers a shopping cart software program that helps a great deal. Everyone needs to set up a shopping cart on their site if they intend to sell their products. They offer a 10 day free trial or you can try the demo for free. It's a web based software so there is no installation of software to hassle with. You get fully customizable designs. The software is very user friendly. You can update your content in seconds. The best of all they offer live support and the website is securely hosted. It's always nice to have great technical support. You also get free emails, fraud alerts and web promotional services. There are many affordable plans to choose from and no hidden fees. Some of the software highlights are inventory control, product reports, stock control with level alerts, bulk order processing and gift certificates. They really have so much to offer for an affordable price.

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