Thursday, April 3, 2008

Yesterday Was A Long Day

After 12 hours of being frustrated ready to pull my hair out or just throw the computer out the window I think I fixed it. I installed, uninstalled, installed, uninstalled, etc. Then I restored the computer back to last week. Hoping that I could run my last few days of my Norton. I must of done that about 5 times. I even installed and used the Norton clean up program which removed hidden Norton files which I thought could be causing the problems with the new software. Buy 6 pm last night I gave up. I decided to uninstall again and just install the demo version which worked just fine. I just didn't want to go online unprotected. You never know when you might pick up something nasty. So buy 7 pm everything seemed to temporarily be working. My hubby decided to call support and complain. He was so mad I thought he was going to have a stroke. They have no person to person tech support. You can email your problems and they will contact you through email. Which is difficult to deal with fixing a computer without talking to a real person. They did have a very nice customer service department. She told us we could re-enter our software license code into the demo and just use the demo version. So as I'm about to put the license code into the program. It was already running with the demo. The demo took the code automatically. What?? I just couldn't figure that out. We think the cd we purchased from Best Buy was corrupt and that's what was causing all my problems. So it looks like I fixed the problems even though I have no idea what I exactly did to fixed it. I'm so happy the drama is over. I didn't really want to reformat the hard drive and start from scratch. Though it's good to do it every couple of years, I just didn't have the time to sit on the computer for a week. So, I'm back up in running until the next computer issue. Hopefully in the next few years we can buy a new computer. I'm not sure we will purchase Zone Alarm 2008 next year. I think I might go back to Norton. Hopefully Norton will clear up the issue's of eating up all the system resources which makes our computer run slow. That's the main reason we didn't purchase the software this year. I'm still regretting that decision.


  1. I don't understand any of it :( Sounds like you've got more patience than me with it!

  2. Congratulations on getting it running... I hope it continues to work correctly.


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