Thursday, May 1, 2008

Aliens Vs. Predator 2 Movie Review

Prepare for more mayhem as warring aliens and predators return for Round 2 of their no-holds-barred slug fest. This time, the intergalactic creatures do battle in a small American town, throwing local residents into harm's way. To save the planet, the humans must oust both types of unwelcome guests. This sci-fi sequel features tons of spectacular action sequences full of nifty new gadgets and gooey monster gore.

Stupid, stupid and more stupid is how I have to sum this movie up. I thought I'd watch it since I really enjoyed the original movies Alien and predator. Nope, not the case with this one. Aliens vs predator 2 was hard to follow, very slow going and just plain boring. I'm going to have to add this movie to my never ever see again list. This movie gets 2 1/2 stars out of a 5 star ranking from me.

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  1. I have this on my list too! It was a request from the little guy and he can hardly what to see it. It will be fun to see what he thinks. 9 year olds seem to view things differently then us.


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