Friday, May 23, 2008

The Life Of My Pants


I've been thinking about submitting my story about the life of my pants to the Dockers contest. This story is about what my pants go through in a day. I love my Dockers pants because I can wear them morning until night. I start out at 6 am and get ready for work and of course I slip on my Dockers pants. I love these pants because I just took them out of the dryer and they didn't need ironing. Love it!! I eventually get myself in the truck for a long drive to work. I get to work after sitting for an hour in my truck and my pants still look perfect. After an eight hour work day I head off to school for my 3 hour photography class. I'm so glad I wore my Dockers today. They are so comfortable. After class I'm in route to meet my girlfriends for a night of entertainment. I contemplate going home to change my clothes, but I decide not to because my pants still look just perfect. I'm so glad I bought these pants. My girlfriends and I decide to stop for a light dinner and then we do a little shopping. After shopping we head out to our favorite night club for dancing and drinks. We end up dancing all night. We had such a great time. We end up leaving the club around 2 am. I get home about 2:30 am and as I'm walking into the house I catch a glimpse of myself in the hall way mirror and notice my pants still look like I just put them on. Wow, It's been a long day for me and my pants. I'm so glad I wore my Dockers today. I can wear these pants any where. They are perfect for work, school and even the club. What would a day in the life of your pants be like? If you have a great story about the life of your pants submit your story and a video to the Dockers contest.

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