Thursday, May 29, 2008

Shopping on Black Friday

As most of you know the day after Thanksgiving is called black friday. This is the day when retailers around the country discount items to kick off the holiday shopping season. I have to admit I'm a huge on line shopper. I'll do anything to avoid the holiday crowds. I do most of my Christmas shopping on the web. It seems like when I'm looking for some great deals during the holiday I get the sale ads only a few days before the big black Friday rush. Then I go to purchase these fantastic sale items and they are all out of stock. Well, with you can view these sale ads before anyone else does. That way you get a head start on shopping and finding those fantastic sale prices. On top of viewing the ads early, you can make your purchase through and avoid those long lines and crazy morning hours. Just think you can sleep in on the day after Thanksgiving instead getting up at 4 am in the morning to go shopping. Their website is so user friendly and they even offer e-mail alerts when new ads have posted to their site. There are so many stores to shop at. I'll be stopping by to check out the ads for Best Buy, ToysRus, Walmart and I"m always looking for great deals on toys for our daughter. I'm definitely going to use this site to do my Christmas shopping.

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  1. But I love to shop!!! It is just not as fun on the computer!


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