Monday, May 5, 2008

The Weekend

This weekend was crazy for me and the hubby. We made plans to go to my sisters on Saturday to help her with some home repairs and landscaping problems. But before we could go to my sisters Saturday I get a call from my mom asking if we can stop buy my grandma's house to take an oven out to the trash. My grandma's house is on the market and my mother is trying desperately to sell it. We finally made it to the sisters buy noon. We ended up fix all her landscaping problems. Boy!! That was a huge project. That took us about 8 hours to fix but her yard and gardens look beautiful. Plus I got two big garbage bags of bulbs to plant in my back yard from her bulb supply. I'm sure you can imagine what I did all day Sunday. Yup, planted bulbs. It was nice to be outside yesterday. The weather was great. I have so much more of our own yard work to finish. I ordered trees and you should have them buy this week sometime. Next weekend will be tree planting time.


  1. Gotta love the bulbs. I wish I had someone to do some bulb sharing with. What a chore you had to accomplish to get them though! whew...wipe the sweat off the brow and grab a coke!


  2. It's a lot of work but it looks so good.


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