Thursday, May 1, 2008

Wow!!! More To Learn About Blogging.

I started this blog in January and I'm pretty proud of what I've accomplished and learned so far. Gosh, there still is so much to learn. Sometimes I think my brain is going to explode. Help!!!! Will I ever learn it all? I feel like I'm a constant googler. "What's that mean?". "How do I do this?" First and for most I've become a blogger. I never thought in a million years I would be doing this. My sister blogs all the time on myspace and I use to think she was crazy. Now, I think it's fun to blog and learn all these great things. I've got to keep up with technology. Right? I've learned how to ping my blog, enter that nifty little computer code into my post to get sites to link to mine. I learned what a widget is and does. That was a question I've had for a while. I'm in the process of learning about google rank, real rank, Izea Rank. Ahhhh, so many ranks. What are they all for? Don't ask, I'm still trying to figure that out. I've just learned that it's a good thing to submit your URL to blog directories. I found this great list at Top Rank Blog. (See, I got to use my nifty little computer code here to link to this site) So, I've been doing the never ending cycle of applying to all these blog directories. This is just a helpful hint, but if you decide to start joining these directories type up the description of your blog in word. You'll be needing it several times to apply for these directories. Then you can just cut and paste it in to the blog description section instead of typing it each and every time. This saves so much time. I think I'm a pro at cutting and pasting now. LOL!! It's been a monotonous task but seems to be helping. I'm getting more visitors and making new blog friends. Stay tuned I'll keep everyone updated on my learning experiences.

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  1. I'm with you girl. Right when I have something figured out there is something else I need to learn or want to know more about.


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