Thursday, June 19, 2008

I Need To Buy Some Swimwear

The hubby and I went shopping the other day because I needed to buy some clothes for a wedding we are going to attend this month. I ended up in the swimwear section. Don't ask me how I ended up there. I really did want to find some sexy swimwear that would be flattering for me to wear. We love the water and spend a lot of time on our boat. So I really did need to find something. I had our daughter 3 1/2 years ago and my poor body just isn't the same. I actually did find something that didn't look to bad on me. I was surprised. I was relieved that I found something to wear. I'm all set for some summer fun on the lake.


  1. What, no picture of you modeling it? :)

    It's so hard to find just the right swimwear.

  2. Are you retireing the board shorts?


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