Wednesday, June 18, 2008

I've been Tagged. How Fun!

I've been tagged by Sweet Daisy for the 15 Years in a Nutshell meme. The challenge is to summarize the last 15 years of my life in ten bullet points, then tag five people to do the same. Here goes! Though I'm not sure I have 5 people to tag.

  • 1993 - Got engaged to now ex husband and bought my first home.

  • 1994 - Got married to now ex husband. Wonderful wedding just got married to the wrong person. Glad that's over.

  • 1995 - Got divorced. That totally sucked.

  • 1996 - Bought my second home which was totally all mine. No husband to worry about.

  • 1996 - Met the love of my life. My current husband.

  • 1997 - Got engaged to my husband and bought my very first new car. It was a new 1997 Grand Prix. This was exciting.

  • 1998 - Moved out of the town I grew up in and bought my 3rd house about an hour away. That was scary moving to a new city where I didn't know anyone but It was a good thing for the hubby and me.

  • 1999 - Got married to my hubby in May. We just celebrated our 9 year wedding anniversary. I guess we made it past that 5 year hump everyone talks about. Thank God!

  • 2001 - Purchased our dream home. Newly built and on some property in the country.

  • 2004 - And the most important event in my life was the birth of our Daughter. I always said I wanted to have a kid before I was 35 and I did it. Only 3 months before my 35th birthday. Wow, that was close.
Okay, Now here comes the hard part. Who do I tag?

Crazy Mom With 4 Boys because she was always so reassuring that everything would work out when I was pregnant and scared. Oh Ya and because she was always there when I was in panic mode when my daughter was first born. Whenever I had a baby question she always had an answer.

Where The Road Takes Us because she was one of the ver first people I met when we moved to this new city and she was so nice to me.

It's A Woman's World is a new blog friend. I just love reading her post.

Hootin Anni's always has the best Thursday Thirteens.

Life In The Urban Zoo. She always has the most interesting posts to read.


  1. Good job! At least you had 5 to tag I could only come up with 4. Here I think I'm getting friends in the blog world then I find out I can't even tag 5 people.

  2. Interesting facts! I had Maggie a little longer than a month AFTER I turned 35 - oops!! :)


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