Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Thursday 13 - Summer Fun

I have to be honest. I've been so busy this past week that I haven't had time to think of a more imaginative Thursday 13. So this is what I came up with. Hopefully next weeks will be better.

Fun Things We Are Doing This Summer

1. Hang out at my family's cottage on the lake.

2. Enjoy our boat as many weekends as we can. Summer is way too short in Michigan.

3. Have fun riding our Yamaha Wave runner.

4. Do lots of swimming in our pool.

5. We like to have Bonn fires and make those yummy smores. It's more like I just eat the Hershey's chocolate bars. YUMMY!!

6. We enjoy having friends out to the lake. It's so much fun pulling the tub with the boat.

7. Take a trip to lake Michigan with my mom. I can't wait for that.

8. Take a trip to Michigan's adventure if we have the extra money. They have a great water park for the little kids and the big kids like my hubby.

9. Enjoy using our grill. There's nothing like a good steak on the grill.

10. Take a trip to the Detroit Zoo. Which we plan on doing this Saturday.

11. Visit with old friends. It will be nice to catch up, relax and have a beer. We are doing this on Friday.

12. Working on our vegi & fruit garden. There's nothing better tasting then home grown vegetables. Yum! Hopefully this year we will get a few watermelons and pumpkins.

13. I love to work on my flowers gardens. Every year they look better and better. I get such a feeling of accomplishment form this.


  1. sounds like you have a lot of great plans for a fun summer

  2. I just can hardly get past your first of thirteen...lake, cottage....I'm stowing away for sure.

    Hope you can come by and have a bit of fun with me for my T-13 this week.

  3. What a fun summer! What else are you growing in your garden? I was hopeful for pumpkins and watermelon but it's been so cool this spring... only hope is for a warm fall.

    Happy TT!

  4. Water, fresh air, and friends--what make summer great! God bless.

  5. How very fun I want a cabin and a pool :)

  6. Michele--sounds like we could have a great time together. We have a lake place and lake toys, too that we enjoy as much as we can. The major difference is it is already so hot here that we can hardle stand to be outside. We have already have 100 temp---that's even too hot for boating! Hope you have a great time; I'm a little envious of your Michigan summers (but not your winters)!

  7. mmm. I want to come hang with you this summer.

    Actually, it sounds a lot like ours. Minus the wave runner, but that's okay.

  8. I hope we are part of your summer time fun.

  9. Looks like you're looking forward to a lot of water activities. Sounds like fun, but watch out for those mosquitoes.

  10. Sounds like a lovely summer. Treasure every minute of it.
    And wear life jackets.
    (sorry - can't help it - I'm a grandmother...)

  11. You just summed up some of the greatest things about summer! No wonder it's my favorite time of year.

    Stop by and visit my TT when you can!

  12. I haven't been out on a boat in years. I'll have to figure out a way to work that into our schedule this summer.
    Sounds like you have a fun couple of months ahead!

  13. We've already been grilling a while. I know some people who do it year round, but it doesn't taste the same with snow on the meat.

  14. Great list!! Sounds kinda similar to our plans :)

  15. You will be pruny yet refreshed when summer's done!


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