Friday, August 29, 2008

The Cabin Cuddler Is On My Christmas Wish List

I'm always cold. Sometimes in the summer months I'll even wear my flannel bottoms to bed. I know, it sounds crazy. I use to work at this place that always had the air set at 65 to 70 in the summer. Burrrr!!!! I remember wearing a sweater at that job 365 days a year. I just can't take the cold. I came across this amazing new blanket called the Cabin Cuddler. The Cabin Cuddler is this cute little tote bag that turns into your very own hygienic pillow case and blanket. The Cabin Cuddler also comes with an inflatable pillow. There is a pocket made just for your feet and keeps them toasty warm. The blanket has this great design which covers every inch of your body. The best part about this wonderful invention is that it's the perfect size to use at work or on that long business trip. Gosh, I really need one of these. Winter is fast approaching us here on the east coast. I'd love one to cuddle up with and watch TV when it's below zero outdoors. My mother is going to get one for her birthday this year. It's only a few weeks away. It seems like she is always traveling to some different state for a new adventure. She has become a big traveler in her pre-retirement days. Lately she has been doing a lot of traveling to New York and other parts of the country to attend her writing conferences. She's been complaining how cold she is on the plane and train rides. Of course these days they don't give those complimentary pillows and blankets out anymore. If your lucky enough to get a pillow or blanket you might want to think about when was the last time it was washed. This Cabin Cuddler is the perfect gift for my mom. She'll just love this travel blanket. I can't wait to see her face when she opens her present. I'm also going to purchase a few more for Christmas gifts. I like to start shopping early to avoid the Christmas rush. The Cabin Cuddler is the perfect gift for your friends and family.


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  1. That's pretty cool. We are always looking for travel items.

    I enjoyed my visit.

    If you are keeping track,
    Alaska Sunday is posted.
    It's the trip log with some new photos.
    To see the post, Click here.
    Troy and Martha


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