Friday, August 8, 2008

Chronic Fatigue and Epstein Barr. Are They One In The Same?

Lately I feel like I'm in such a funk. I just can't seem to snap out of this fog I'm living in. Uggg! I've been so tired lately I can hardly keep my eyes open after sleeping eight hours at night. I don't even have the desire or the energy to sit on the the computer. Which is very unusual for me. So I went to the doctor on Monday and they did some blood work. I'm curious what the results will say just as long as it's not terribly bad news. I really dislike the test results waiting game. About six months after my daughter was born my doc did some blood work on me due to chronic fatigue and my test results came back positive for Epstein Barr which in turn gives you chronic fatigue syndrome. According to my doctor the stress of my pregnancy and some other stressful life events that were going on at the time brought out the Epstein Barr in my system. I have a feeling this Epstein Barr thing I have is starting to rage through my body again and is the cause of my extreme fatigue. Don't worry guys it's not contagious. It's a virus that I was left with when I came down with mono around the age of 16. I guess it's a very common virus that lives in your system either dormant or active. Mine just happens to be active. Blaaa! Also I think part of my fatigue problem is just from chasing around a very active 4 year old and trying to keep up with the everyday house maintenance. Which by the way I'm not doing a very good job at these days. I keep looking at the 1.5 acres of lawn that need a good mow job but I keep telling myself tomorrow. Well, tomorrow hasn't come yet. LOL!! My hubby works some crazy hours. He is usually gone from 5:30 am until 8 0r 9 pm. This includes Saturdays. He does get Sunday off so that's a good day for him to spend with our daughter. So in essence I'm the one who has to do mostly everything. Gee, maybe that's why I'm tired. I just keep telling myself I'm just getting older and moving slower. God, I just made myself sound like I'm 80 years old. No guys, I'm not that old. I have another doctors appointment next month. It will be interesting to see what my doc has to say. I think my next post will be about Epstein Barr and how debilitating this disease can be. I'm actually one of the lucky ones. I've read on line other people that live with this and are hit much harder then me with more sever symptoms. Don't get me wrong I'm not complaining. I feel blessed that my problem is just with being tired all the time. I can live with that. I can always take a nape.


  1. Sonya your sisterFriday, August 08, 2008

    Iron Deficiency. I think I finally recently discovered what I have been suffering from.

  2. When they said I had Epstein Barr and could have chronic fatigue, I researched and found that a lot of the same symptoms can also be caused by aspartame (nutrasweet) poisoning. I cut out ALL aspartame/nutrasweet and have felt much better for years!
    I'm tired now, but it's definitely from being a new(ish) mom!


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