Friday, August 8, 2008

S. Helene Photography

The past few years my little sis has been taking college courses at OCC in photography. I truly think she has found her passion in the art world. She has an eye for the perfect shot. I wish that I had that type of talent. I wish that she would start her own business. I think she would be a hit. I wanted to share some shots she took a few days ago. Good job sister and thanks for leaving the pictures on my computer. I truly enjoyed looking at them. I love all the pictures of my little one!

Dandy lion in my back yard. I think she laid upside down to take this one. Crazy sister!

Self portrait of Sister and little one.

My little girl.

Fence and weeds in my back yard.

Fence in my back yard.

Flowers in yard

Benny The Monster

My vegi garden in my back yard

This shot was in my previous post but I wanted to post it again to give my little sis the credit.
It's my little one playing on her new toy in the back yard.


  1. Great pictures sis! She sure does have a great eye.

  2. really the photos were captured beautifully, your sister should be a photographer!


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