Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Tetanus Strickes the Poorest Of The Poor

Yesterday I was visiting My Thoughts, Ideas and Ramblings and came across this amazing post. This post really opened my eyes to the terrible medical conditions that occur in other parts of the world. What I read broke my heart, alarmed me and made me sick all at the same time. I watched the video and I was literally in tears. How could this be happening in our world?? It just made we realize how lucky we are to have the medical treatments available to us in the United States. Last year 140,000 mothers and 30,000 babies died due to tetanus infection because they didn't have access to the tetanus vaccine. This vaccine only costs 5 cents. Yes, only 5 cents! Tetanus spores are found in soil, animal excretions and can become air born. Once infected these toxins effect the nervous system. This bacteria attacks newborn babies within days of exposure. The fatality rate is between 70 - 100 %. The symptoms of tetanus include muscle rigidity, painful muscle spasms, inability to eat and seizures. Seizures are triggered by light or movement. For example mothers and babies in Africa are being exposed to this bacteria during childbirth. There are no methods to sanitize your hands before delivery. After delivery a sharpened sugar cane is used to cut the umbilical cord and the mothers wounds are packed with dirt to stop the bleeding. This dirt contains the tetanus bacteria. Pampers and UNICEF have teamed up to help provide the life saving vaccines that are needed to combat this deadly tetanus bacteria. For every specially-marked pack of Pampers Swaddlers Sensitive, Swaddlers, Cruisers, and Easy Ups diapers and Pampers Sensitive, Swipers, and Clean ‘n Go wipes purchased in the U.S. and Canada from April 7 through August 31, 2008, the Pampers brand will donate 5¢ to the U.S. Fund for UNICEF to provide one tetanus vaccine to a woman in the developing world.* The goal for the U.S. campaign is 45 million vaccines, which would bring the total global donations to more than 70 million vaccines. If you feel in your heart that you might want to donate to this worthy cause stop by Pampers for a visit.


  1. I had no idea about this. Thanks for the information.

  2. Excellent!!!! I'm going to surf over to the link you provided!


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