Sunday, November 16, 2008

Flushing Michigan (Thoughts From The Hubby)

As much of the country and world knows Michigan is in the toilet. Economically speaking we that live here suffer from the lose of manufacturing potential that used to thrive here. The big 3 want government help like the financial market received. If they don't get "help" we all will buy a "foreign" car sooner or later.
I read today some jack--s said the snow will take our minds off the lions,the big 3 and on and on. This guy I'll call jack for short should shut his pie hole. I for one don't think this whole "bailout" is what we as a country need. What, where,when,who,how the hell did the American peps let accountability go out the window?? What happened to capitalism?? Wasn't that, open a business if it makes it great if not oh well?? The big 3 employ about 3,000,000 peps nation wide including the suppliers. If they go under it's a bad day for all of us Americans. I think we as a people are going down a dark road and the other options don't look any better. What standards have we set for our children and grandchildren?? I do know that hard work does payoff the trick is not to get greedy along the way. Maybe some forgot that?? We need to help our economy that is a fact but how is the question. If we bailout one then where does it end? When? How?
How much do the tax payers have to give? Have we started another welfare system?? Are they starting one for me also?? The one for the hard working American. Or the one for the person that lost their job and unemployment is gone?? This troubles me to no end. I know times are tough believe me I know. I am "lucky" to still have a job but I'll do whatever it takes to feed my family.
I don't have all the answers not even a few. What I do know is we better be careful or we will all be hurting a whole lot worse than we are now. We as a people can and will fix this, but how we fix this matters the most!!! Loans are one thing, but hand outs are sheer stupidity! People need to be accountable and not "pass the buck" that has become common place these days, so sad to say. Will Michigan get flushed?? And if so how many other states are coming along for the ride??
For far to long the USA was worried about helping the world. Now look at the mess in our house shame on us for letting this happen. We learned nothing for the depression? Maybe we had better open the history books before it's way to late.

Latter all,
The Hubby

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  1. By your title I thought you were going to write about Flushing, MI, you know the town????? Haha!!!!!! You know my hair color I guess I have to live up to it.

    Things sure are bad. And it is everywhere not just here. So there isn't even some place to move to for a better life. I heard this morning that 2009 will not be better. I believe at the end of 2007 they were saying things would start getting better in 2009. No one knows. I wish I could see or know when it would be better so I would have some hope to hang on to. Good post Hubby :)


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