Saturday, November 22, 2008

Holiday Eyeglasses At A Great Price

The Tuesday after Thanksgiving is my little girl’s first eye doctor appointment ever. I'm a little nervous. I hope she does well. A few months ago I noticed that one of her eyes would start wandering. At first I thought she was just playing around or I was imagining things. Then on her birthday party I had two people mention the wandering eye to me. They noticed. I guess I wasn't imagining it. Though I still wasn't sure if she was goofing around. I finally made up my mind to take her to the doctors last month. I thought it would be better to be safe then sorry. If something is going on with her eye it's better to find it at a young age rather then finding it when she is older. I don't want to wait until she is older and find out more damage has been done because I waited. I'd feel terrible if that happened. I've decided if she ends up needing eyeglasses I'm going to check out Zenni Optical. What's so amazing about this company is that they have eyeglasses that are high quality and the prices start at $8.00. They have a huge selection to choose from such as single vision and bi-focal eyeglasses. Each order also includes anti Scratch Coating, lens cleaning cloth, hard eyeglass case, UV protection and lens edge polishing and beveling. The best part about their eyeglasses is that they come with a full guarantee. They even offer an amazing selection of Holiday frames. I found a pair that would be perfect for my little one. I hope they have these glasses in a children's size. Aren't these glasses adorable? She'll be all ready for the holiday season.


  1. Sadly, I had a lazy eye. When I was only 18 months they tried to correct it w/ a patch but my mother didn't make me wear it. So I wore glasses all of my life and grew up being call 'Crazy Cross-eyed Christi'! When I was 15 my dad was fortunate enough to afford cosmetic surgery for me and had it corrected. I hope that she doesn't have a lazy eye and if so that it can easily be corrected w/o surgery, good luck!!

  2. Good luck. A good doctor will set things right. We have a great eye doctor who set things right for my daughter. Happily, glasses are a fashion statement at the moment, so correcting her problem was no hardship!

  3. Just what everyone needs is glasses for the holidays.


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