Thursday, November 20, 2008

Keeping Our Families Safe

Have you noticed a spike in crime in your area? I try and catch the news at least once a day to catch up on what's going on around me. It seems every time I turn the TV on the media is talking about a new crime spree that's hitting the city. Either it's a home invasions or an armed robbery. Yikes! This news really scares me. I think my fear is increased due to the fact that I have a four year old to take care of and protect. According to the media there is an increase in crime this year due to the unemployment rate in our country. Areas of my state that were once considered safe neighborhoods now have increased crime rates. I've often thought about installing an ADT alarm system in our home. Having an alarm system would give me some piece of mind. Your home is your sanctuary. Right? Why not protect the things that are most important to you, your family. I guess I feel this way because I had a bad experience when I was in my twenties. It was a terrible experience I never want to go through again. As I slept all snuggled in my bed under my warm blankets a thief was steeling my belongs from my car. My car sat in the driveway, which was directly in front of my bedroom. The thief was so quiet that my dog never barked. I came out the next morning to find my car torn apart and the contents scattered all over my front yard. I felt so violated. It was creepy to think someone I didn't know was sitting in my driveway violating me all the while I slept. What if they had tried breaking into the house? This was my next thought. It's important to protect your family, so why not add a little extra security to your home. It's better to be safe then sorry. I feel home security systems are the answer. My previous employer installed a security system in their building. Let me tell you these life saving gadgets are so easy to use. Even a child can be taught how to secure your home.


  1. I guess I'm lucky and nothing has ever happened to us but I just don't live in fear. And I grew up in the city.

  2. good thing you weren't harmed that time, material things come & go, but our family stays, so let's do our best to protect them in any way.


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