Thursday, November 6, 2008

Seven Random/Weird Facts About Me

I just was tagged by Where The Road Takes Us. These are seven random/weird facts about me. Okay, here it goes.

1. I totally and completely hate grocery shopping. I dread it every week.

2. My middle name is spelled in the male form. Rene instead of Renee. Who knows what my parents were thinking. LOL!!

3. My little one's middle name was also my mother in law's middle name. She passed away one month before I became pregnant with my daughter. We decided to give my little one the same last name in remembrance of my mother in law. This was my idea and a welcome surprise for my hubby.

4. I love shoes. I can never have enough in my closet.

5. I'm four years older then my hubby. Yup, I'm a cradle robber. LOL!!

6. I love to wear Pajamas. I'd wear them 24/7 if I could get away with it.

7. Nothing tastes the same since I was pregnant. I don't seem to enjoy food as much as I use too.

Well, Now it's your turn. I'm not going to tag anyone today, but if you want to play along please feel free to participate.


  1. I did already play along. I also love my PJ's and shoes.

  2. I didn't know there was a male Rene. Learn something new everyday.

  3. Just curious -- did you hate grocery shopping before food started to taste different?

  4. Hi Michelle! tnx for taking the time to drop by my blogsite and leave a comment. i read thru your seven random things meme and i pretended i was the one who tagged u so i still got to know u more. =)
    hope to see around. Enjoy the weekend! Godbless!


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