Sunday, November 23, 2008

Good Times With Good Friends

We had an amazing weekend. We were blessed with a visit from Uncle Mark. He is a very close friend of our family and he is also my daughters god father, a role he takes very seriously. He moved out to Colorado 8 months ago for a job. He decided it was time for a visit this month. Everyone was so excited to see him. My sister and her boyfriend came over to join in the festivities. Fun was had by all. These are a few pictures from our bonfire on Saturday night. I bet you never thought about having a bonfire at the end of November with snow on the ground, and yes it was a cold 30 degrees. Yikes!! No worries, It was so nice and toasty by the fire. This bonfire actually became a tradition a few years ago. We would try and do one last bonfire for the year and would try for November. We were all very sad to see Uncle Mark leave this morning. My little one had a hard time holding her tears back, as did Uncle Mark. As I write this Uncle Mark is sitting on a plan on his way back to Colorado. Safe travels Uncle Mark. We all love you very much!!

Rob, who is my sister boyfriend and the bearded man is my hubby. They were acting crazy this night.

I have no idea what my little sister was doing in this photo. Silly sister!

Self portrait of Uncle Mark, my sister and I'm the one wearing the cute white hat.

I think we were suppose to be modeling for this picture.

The gang. The hubby, me, Uncle Mark and my sister. I think this picture is the first I have of all four of us together.

And this was our beautiful bonfire. The guys worked really hard to keep everyone warm.


  1. It sure looked like your family had a great weekend and I finally know how you look in person! =)
    Have a wonderful holiday!

  2. wow that fire looks amazing, what a good picture

  3. Aw! That was nice of him to drop in. It does look like you guys had a lot of fun. Bonfire's are awesome.

    Aww! Is Charlie gray too? I love the little guy but i dont know how to keep him from chewing on everything. He*s ruined the bedroom wall in our apartment. lol oops.

    Where did you get that hat? I want one!!

  4. Sure sounds and looks like a good time. It was cold Saturday but it looks like you stayed warm. That is great that Mark came to visit.

  5. Great pics! Happy to hear you had a goodly weekend :)

  6. The last really 'cold' bon fire we had was in a January while it was snowing. It really is nice to be warmed by a fire. Glad you enjoyed your weekend.

  7. You looks all fun and happy in those pics..


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