Friday, December 5, 2008

Have You Checked Your Credit Report Lately?

It's highly recommended by credit professionals to check you credit report each year for any type of credit errors. These errors could cause great harm to your credit report in the future. Maybe when you are trying to by that new car or decide to purchase your first home. You can usually obtain a free copy from any of the three major credit reporting agencies. I came across some startling statistics regarding the number of errors that actually occur in a person credit report. About 79 % of credit reports contain an error. For every four credit reports, three of these reports contain serious errors that could damage your credit. Yikes, this is some scary information. I'm feeling the need to run my credit report this very minute. I know as a consumer I don't really analyze my credit report like I should. To be honest, I just don't' have the time lately. I seem to have my hands full with trying to raise our four year old daughter. I did learn today about a company called Ovation Credit Services. This amazing company will do all the footwork for you if you have credit issues on your report. This company will work with you ,as well as the credit agencies to correct any type of errors that might come up in your credit report. For example, out dated personal information or accounts that should of been deleted from your report because the accounts were closed by you. This company specializes in credit repair. I have a friend who has bad credit due to some serious errors on her credit report. I'm going to make sure and mention Ovation Credit services. She could really use some help to fix credit mistakes that were made on her report. Maybe getting the help she needs will improve her bad credit score, and in turn improve her life. If you need a little help with cleaning up your credit report this might just be the company your looking for.


  1. I've done it. It takes seconds and is very helpful.

  2. I don't want to see mine. I know I have hurt it.


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