Tuesday, December 9, 2008

My Christmas Wish For The Future

Have you ever had a dream that seemed so far out of reach that you just couldn't get a grasp on it? Well, I do. Let me start at the beginning. Several years ago I had a beautiful midnight blue Pontiac Firebird. The car was a stick shift with a V-8 engine. I always wanted to have a pontiac supercharger installed, but never did. I loved that car and I loved showing it off to people. Back when I owned this car were the days when I didn't have so many financial obligations to meet. Such as a mortgage, utility bills and a family to support. The hubby and I have had a dream to buy another sports car and restore it to mint condition. I'd preferably like to buy another Firebird. Of course we would have to install a supercharger in the car. What's a sports car without a supercharger? Right? Do you have any Christmas dreams for the future?


  1. That's a great memory! My dream for the future? Health and peace.

  2. I have had many fun cars. Now I'm driving a full size van. But I do love it too. It fits what I need right now.


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