Sunday, December 14, 2008

Sundays Random Ramblings

Here I site, it's Sunday night and I'm all all cuddled up underneath my warm blankets. I keep rehashing my weekend events. Sometimes I have so many questions and no answers.

Why are people so nasty at the stores while shopping during the holidays? Where did their Christmas spirit go?

I have a girlfriend in a very dysfunctional and abusive relationship. Why do people stay in bad relationship? Don't they see they would be so much better off outside that bad situation. Don't they see it will affect their children in a negative way?

I can't wait to install my Norton Internet Security 2009. It was an early Christmas gift from the hubby. Yippie. Currently I have Zone Alarm and it stinks.

I can't wait to spend the holidays with my family.

There's absolutely nothing on TV tonight. I'm sad I can't watch Brothers and Sisters. I'm a die hard fan.

It drives me crazy when I take the time to comment on a blog and I never get a response back. Is that poor blogging etiquette? I think so. Are there rules for blogging?

I'm so tired of having this terrible cold. I'm tired of coughing. Wonder if I will be better by Christmas. I hope so.

Only one more week left of school for my little one. Then she is off for two weeks for the Christmas break. I get her to myself for two whole weeks. Yippie.

I wonder if the big three car companies will get the money they need to survive. I feel if they go under our country is in for some seriously hard times. It really scares me. Yikes!!

I'm already tired of this cold winter weather. Can't it be summer already?

I love the silence of our house after everyone has gone to sleep for the night. It gives me such peace.

Do you have any random ramblings you'd like to share?


  1. I agree that there should be blog etiquette. But I don't know how it would be enforceable.

    I sort of disagree though with not putting your blog address in comments. I don't know that everyone is that savvy to know that clicking on the name works. I have found that my blog traffic does increase when I post on some websites, especially very high traffic sites.

  2. much rambling going on in my head all the time (hence the name of my blog). I actually took the evening off the computer to watch Survivor and the finale. I've just relaxed most of the weekend after our Friday night bash and haven't even looked ahead at the week. That to-do list can be created in the morning (which we are supposed to wake up to another Monday morning nastiness!)

  3. I love the quiet of a sleeping house, too.

    And the warmth of my bathrobe.

  4. I am not sure about not responding to posts from people on your blogs. I know I am guilty of that, perhaps I would have more responses on my blog if I posted on other peoples blogs more. I need to give it a try and see if it works.

  5. Hello!

    Well, I am a commenting commenter of comments (what?)so...hey thanks for stopping by! Your blog is cool too...

    Hey, along with random thoughts about life and the hectic-ness and cynicism of the season, check this out if you feel like crying (on youtube)

    -Advent Conspiracy
    -Project Hug w/ the song by Sick Puppies

    The sentiment of the messages are something we can all glean from, in one way or another...and hey, I love crying as much as laughing (well, no, not really, but by the amount of crying I do you would think so!)

  6. I always have tons of ramdom thoughts. #1 right now is I also get 2 weeks off after Friday! I can hardly wait!!!!!

  7. Before you install Norton consider using the FREE Antivir virus stopping software. It does not bog your computer down running in the background continuously as Norton does. After uninstalling Norton and installing Antivir my computer was like a new machine. Just a little holiday advice.

  8. this is nice, here you can write what's on your head without worrying of continuity or relatedness of the topics


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