Friday, December 5, 2008

Time To Maintenance My Truck

My truck seems like it's starting to fall apart. I really need to start putting some time and effort into getting it running the way it should be. The lighter needs to be replaced and I need to get the windshield repaired. Plus, It's time for another oil change. My lease will be up next March and I'm so excited. I can't wait to get rid of this lease payment. We are hoping to get another vehicle that will save on gas and also have a cheaper payment. I don't know why I put off the maintenance on my vehicles. Maybe I'm just plain lazy or I really hate spending the extra cash. It's not like have to go looking for expensive Ferrari parts. I have a simple pick up truck. I guess I better do it soon, before I get stranded somewhere. Everyone knows how I hate to be stranded.


  1. Thank God we have men that can tinker on cars. My hubby just fixed my remote starter - he can do anything.

  2. My hubby is pretty handy too!

    Michelle...I saw your name on the FFFF list, but didn't see an entry here. Did you enter by mistake?

  3. It sounds so much like my hubby's truck. We end up donating it rather than fixing it. It would be cheaper to buy new one than fixing it.


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