Thursday, December 4, 2008

Walmart Bingo

This post is not intended to offend anyone. It's all just in fun. I have to admit I'm a big Walmart shopper, only because their prices are the cheapest in my area. I dread shopping there every week, but I have no choice these days. I have to watch my pocket book closely, since my husband's job is some what unstable due to our poor economy. Many of the items on this Bingo card I can totally relate too. Especially the free bingo space. It seems someone is always standing in my way and looking at the store ceiling. What's up with that? Is everyone lost at Walmart? Hope you enjoy this fun little joke as much as I did.

Have you ever played ' Wal-Mart BINGO?
Copy the below bingo card and take it with you
the next time you visit Wal-Mart.


  1. That's hilarious!! Mind if I steal it if I give you credit?

  2. I got seven of them right off, but a lot I've never seen at a Wal Mart. At least, not one in Montana.

  3. That made me laugh :) Hubby boycotts Wal Mart.

  4. We don't have Walmart in here.

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