Wednesday, February 4, 2009

13 Things That I Love About You -Thursday 13

In honor of Valentines day I'm dedicating this Thursday 13 to my four year old little girl, In the hopes that one day she will be able to read this. These are thirteen things I love about my baby girl.

1. I love when you smile. It lights up your entire face and makes me smile. You're like a ray of sunshine.

2. I love your little giggles when the tickle bugs comes for a visit.

3. I love when you give me those sweet Eskimo kisses before bed each night.

4. I love that you say a million times a day "I love you mama."

5. I love our snuggle time while we watch movies.

6. I love when you say silly little things. Like when you told everyone at your school that mommy was really old.

7. I love that you try so hard to learn about this crazy world and you're so very brave in the process.

8. I love your sweet little kisses that you give me each and every day.

9. I love to listen to you chatter away while you're play make believe.

10. I love listen to your little feet pitter patter through our house.

11. I love that you are so passionate about animals and are so kind to your dogs.

12. I love that you have taught me that patience is learned once you have become a parent.

13. I love you just because and will love you forever. No matter what.

Happy Thursday 13 and thanks so much for taking the time to stop by my place. May you and your families have a wonderful Valentines Day.



  1. What a sweet post!! I know it will mean a lot to your daughter one day when she reads it. Aren't those giggles the best!!

  2. this is a great list!

    anyway, i think id like to join the Thursday Thirteen too :D

  3. I love it so much! I hope you save that and show it to her when she gets older. What a little treasure.

  4. What a nice TT! Have a wonderful day!

  5. Aww, what a great post. Happy TT!

  6. What a sweet list. You and your daughter are blessed.

  7. What a sweet T 13. She sounds like such a nice girl.

  8. So great! It's always fun to talk about what we love about our kiddos! Thanks!

  9. Michelle this is just about the most precious thing I have ever read! What a wonderful thing to have for her to read later on!

    Also thanks bunches for stopping by and leaving your good wishes for our time together, my hubby and I.

    I guess they worked. We had an incredible time last night, slept in until noon today, and my hubby is napping again already.

    Oh my tonight is dedicated to being lazy and watching movies together.

    Happy day:-)

  10. This is so sweet. I think I will have to steal your idea and do something like this every Valentines Day for my DD.

  11. That's adorable. I started a "Dead Journal" for my daughter. (She's 30) A scrapbook full of us and memories and letters to her for when I'm gone.
    Great list!
    Happy TT!

  12. Aww, that's adorable, Michelle! I Thirteened this week, too. I'm trying to get back into the habit; I've missed it!

  13. That is beautiful! It's a nice poem for your daughter. Thanks for stopping by mine.


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