Sunday, February 1, 2009

Amazing Discounts With A International Student Identity Card

I will always remember my college years as being financial strapped. I had my own home and trying to go to college always depleted my checking account. There never seemed to be any discounts for college students at that time. Any type of discount could of really helped me out during those financially difficult years. I was just reading about the International Student Identification card. You get all kinds of amazing discounts with this membership. One of the discounts I came across was for the Hard Rock Cafe. There's a special menu for ISIC card holders, which includes the main Course, dessert, and tea/coffee, or Soda. All this for a discounted $13.00. What a great price. Another great deal I came across was for Traveler's Medical Service, which offers 10% off their medical services. Gosh, I wish that I had this card available to me when I was in college. I do have a sister and brother both still in school. I'm going to mention this great program to them. I know they both are always looking for a way to save a buck. You can use this card in your home country our when you're traveling abroad. You can also use your card online or while shopping in the stores. There are three different types of memberships to choose from. The ISIC membership is for those currently enrolled as students. The IYTC membership is for those students 26 years of age and younger, and the ITIC membership is for any current teacher or professor. Gosh, so many great options to choose from. If you're in college I would definitely recommend you stop for a visit and see what type of discounts are available to you.




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