Wednesday, February 18, 2009

I'm The Techi Of The Family

This weekend I have the huge task of setting up my mom's computer system, which includes connecting her to the Internet. I love my mom, but she's just not tech savvy. It's so bad that she's still using dial-up. To make matters worse she's paying more for dial up then she will pay for high speed Internet. What a scam! She's just a mess right now with the computer situation. The hubby called our Internet provider last week and set her up with high speed Internet, wireless router and a modem. I was thinking about encouraging her to look at netbooks. I think that would serve her needs. It's going to be a long day Saturday. So wish me luck.


  1. Good luck I'll keep my fingers crossed :D

    Dial up they still have that??? LOL :D

  2. well, i hope you get to set it up!!!

    i have an award for you at

  3. Good for you! She will love being out of the prehistoric Internet land. LOL

    (here from BSU)

  4. She's so lucky to have you. I think I'd be more computer savvy if I had more time for it. Right now I'm lost in a book and I'm not doing anything else lol. Have fun Saturday - you'll do it all for her.

  5. I can relate. You go in thinking it SHOULD be a breeze then you find yourself doing more updates and downloading drivers. By the time you finish you really wish someone would just give you a hug :-)


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