Friday, February 27, 2009

What Would You Win An Oscar For?

You Would Win Best Documentary Feature

You are very curious about and engaged with the world. Everyone is interesting to you.

You have a variety of interests, and you delve into them quite deeply.

People are impressed by the sheer quantity of stuff you know, and you're learning more every day.

However, you're not just informed. You also are very informative. You share what you know in an engaging and interesting way.

Play along and lets have some fun. Let me know what you would win an Oscar for.

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  1. I would win best documentary feature too! This is very accurate as my "Things I Learned This Week" Friday posts are proof that I like sharing what I learned. Here's a link to the one for this week:

  2. Hello and hope all is well; you won the t-shirt and we need you address for mailing..Please leave it at

    Thanks, Dorothy from grammology

  3. I would win "best original screenplay".

  4. Where on earth do you find this stuff girlie?

  5. I would win for Best Actress or Actor! Too funny. Though I would take the paycheck that comes with it.


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