Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Do You Follow Good Blogging Etiquette?

A while back I shared the rules for blogging, better known as blog etiquette. Entrecard has decided to enter the world of third party ads and a credit cash out service. I'm still not sure how I feel about this, but it seems that many Entrecard members are a little upset about the new changes, which is their right. Though I've read on a few blogs, which I consider these bloggers my cyber friends, that some of the responses on the forum boards have gotten pretty nasty. Is there really a need to be nasty to others? NO! So in response to all this nastiness I'm re-posting the rules for blogging. Can't everyone just play nice? There's already enough nastiness in our crazy world today. Why bring it into our blogging communities? Now, I didn't make these rules up. I did my research online and this is what I found. I also just want to mention this post in no way or form was intended to offend anyone.

Never ever steal someone else’s words or pictures off their site and post them on your blog. That's considered plagiarism. It’s just plain stealing. It's okay to provide a link to a specific post or even a quote but never copy and paste their words on your site.

It's tacky to include a link to your site when you are commenting on a site. There's a spot on the comment form for your link. There's no need to include it more then once. If you include that in your comment it's considered spam.

Always be respectful to other bloggers. If you disagree with a post, that's okay. But never ever respond to a post you disagree with by using profanities. That's just plan disrespectful and rude.

Always respond to your readers comments. You love receiving comments, Don't you? Well, so do they. It's just not very polite to not respond back. I've made so many wonderful blogging buddies by responding to their comments. Give it a try. I promise you’ll like it.

Remember once you publish something on the web it's out there for everyone in the world to read. If you don't want people to read something about yourself or a situation, then don't post it. For example if you create a post about your boss at work and you bad mouth that person. How do you know that your boss isn't reading your words? That could truly jeopardize your job. Plus it's not nice to say mean things about people.

Always respect other blogs. You'd want the same respect in return. Right?

Hope this clears the air about what type of blog etiquette to use as a blogger. I've sure learned a few new things and I'm going to try my best to follow the rules.

I hope everyone has a great day.


  1. Thanks for the reminders! I try to follow them daily although commenting gets hard when time gets away from you! LOL!

  2. Very well said. I try to visit those who leave comments, but do not always succeed. Sometimes I've only got enough time to post. Usually try to make an effort to go back though, even if it has been a week.

  3. this is really nice info, but of course, for every rules there is an exception, like the rule #2, I know there's already the URL line for the link when i comment, but for a meme participant like me, I always include the meme post after a visit, so when the blogger or the meme participant return the visit, she can simply click the permalink and no need to view my whole page and look for the specific post.
    as for forums, it's always like that, even if the mods try their best to keep it clean and peaceful, people are just hard headed i guess.

  4. I heart you Michelle!

  5. You are totally on point! I would say one exception to the rule is leaving the link in the comment. I dont mind that at all especially when a blogger has more than one blog. Ok call me lazy but it is really easy to just click on their link instead of sifting through their profile... I must just be lazy....

  6. I agree! I do have to say that I have been lucky that most of the bloggers that I find do follow these rules.

    I do love comments and am so happy when someone leaves one for me that I always comment back even if it takes me a little while.

  7. I think a lot of the so called nasty is just on how you look at it. To much sweet stuff gets old too. We have to have a nice mix of things. I have to agree with Kat that I'm lucky and most of the bloggers I hang with are very nice and have wonderful information and family stories. This blogging thing really is fun.

  8. These are some great rules!! Now if everyone would just follow them we could be one big happy blogging family!


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