Tuesday, May 5, 2009

I Want A Flip Mino

For the past year we've been looking for a new camcorder to record our little girl growing up. I have one of those huge bulky camcorders. It was a wedding gift given to us back in 1999. After an hour of recording my arm really starts to hurt. I'd love one of those tiny sleek recorders. It would fit perfectly in my purse for those fun trips to the zoo, school outings or just every day recording. Would you like to Win a Flip Mino? I know I sure would. That's why I've entered an amazing contest on twitter. Stop by and check it out if you want a chance to win.


  1. You deserve it - I hope you win!!!! Thank you for the comment on my blog - I'm glad Logan & I aren't the only ones!

  2. I agree I would love one of those little camcorders.


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