Friday, May 29, 2009

Preschool Graduating Class Of 2009

Last night was the big preschool graduation for my 4 year old. It was the most adorable presentation I've ever seen. The preschool teachers have such a passion for teaching and for their young students. It truly touched my heart and brought me to tears. I enjoyed ever minute of our fun night. Daddy came home early from work and grandma even came along. I was so proud of my little one. She's made such great educational achievements this past school year. After the graduation ceremony the school put on an ice cream social. Plus the teachers put together a huge book full of all the things the kids worked on through the year and all the parents got to watch a slide show of the years events. Watching the slide show made me realize how fast my little girls first year of school went by and how fast she is growing up.

Here come the graduates. My little one is in the green sun dress.

Gosh, she looks so serious.

The kids put on a fun musical presentation. It was fun to watch the expressions on their faces.

Here's my baby accepting her diploma. I'm such a proud mommy.

More of the graduating class

Yummy! The ice cream social

Miss Ashley, My baby, Mrs. Jacobs, and Mrs. Lavey. These are three of the best teachers I have ever met. They taught the kids so much this year. Thanks girls for your patience and love.

Thanks for spending time at my place today.



  1. My oldest little girl, who will be 4 in September, is starting preschool this fall..

    looking at your pictures, I got a little teary-eyed.. this will be MY blog post in a year, lol.. sniffle.. sniffle. sob. sob. Our babies!! Wah!! But, at the same time..Aren't we just the proud Mama's?? It is so good to see them succeeding on their own and growing stronger and more capable everyday.. but.. they will always be our babies, right?

    Congrats to your little graduate. :)

  2. Awe how sweet is she!! I love moments like this!!

  3. She is soooo adorable!! But just wait--you will be all mushy every single step of the way! I remember when my eyes were welling up at my kids' pre-school graduation--and next year it will be high school! It all goes too fast.

    Pre-school grads were the best--all the kids were so goofy, weren't they??

  4. It looks like a wonderful graduation! I used to teach pre-k so I know how much work the teachers did putting that together! Parents always loved it though and the slide shows usually brought on the tears. Your little one looks just adorable!!

  5. Congratulations to your little one! I enjoyed all the cute photos. Now it is off to Kindergarten in the fall, right? They grow up way too quickly. Have a wonderful weekend!

  6. Sounds like it was a nice graduation. I'll be attending 2 of these myself this week. From one proud mom to another, have a great weekend!!

  7. You should be proud! I love all the pictures and those graduation hats are adorable and so is your daughter.

  8. Oh how cute! I'm so glad the year ended up so good for you. I have a 5th grade completion to go to on June 9th. My baby is going to be a middle schooler next year.

  9. Time really flies huh? I was looking on your baby's pictures on the right when she was teeeny weeeny :). My daughter's 17th month old and I don't know if I'm ready for her to go to school. Husband and I think she's ready because she shows signs of interest on books, and when we have our study time together.


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