Wednesday, August 26, 2009

On Line Courses Are A Great Educational Option

For many years now I've been contemplating going back to college to complete my degree. I dropped out of college several years ago due to money issues, but lately I've had the itch to go back. Getting my degree is one of the dreams I'd like to accomplish sometime in my life. Education has always been an important topic in my family growing up. For example my mother has a Bachelors in Nursing, Masters in Library Science, and her new accomplishment is a Masters in English literature. I hope someday to be as focused and determined as my amazing mom and at the very least complete my Bachelors degree. I came across Gonzaga University which offers some fantastic online programs to complete you Masters degree. An online University is what I need at this point in my life, since I’m at home raising my little girl. I was looking at the Masters in organizational development program. Wow, what an amazing program. This program looks so interesting and challenging at the same time. That's my type of course plan. I'd really enjoy taking all the required classes. The Masters in Leadership program incorporates such studies as humanities, business, social science and communication. The incorporation of these studies educates you on becoming a better leader in your industry. With this degree you can get a management position in such fields as government, non-profit groups or a community organization. I'm very impressed that Gonzaga offers small class sizes, which is such a plus in my book. I did some research and learned that for the past 16 years Gonzaga was ranked one of the top universities in the West by U.S. News and World Report and was ranked one of the nation's best universities by Forbes Magazine and The Princeton Review. Now that's impressive! The most important part is that this University is accredited. I like the fact that I can stay home and raise my little girl and at the same time complete my dream of getting my degree.


  1. I did quite a few online courses while completing my master's degree. I still took classes at the university but the online courses were awesome although there were times that I was not self motivated and I could see how that could be a problem if I was doing all of it online. For me I think the split is best. I need the interaction and discussion in class too. You're right though they are a great option.

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