Wednesday, October 14, 2009

It Must Be My Destiny To Become A Foster Parent

I just shared my good news on my other blog called Memories of You, but I just had to share it with all my fans of My Crazy Life With A Toddler. I'm so excited I just can't contain myself.

I'm sitting in the doctors office yesterday and the nurse comes in to take my vitals. I've never seen this nurse before and assume she's new. Usually the nurses and aids in the office are just a big pain in my butt and so rude. I don't think it's a very a happy place to work. I've been looking for a new practice to go to anyway, but decided I go back this one last time. I had no choice my Asama is in full bloom this very moment. So, I'm sitting there chatting it up with the nurse and she mentions that she has six kids. Wow, six kids is my response. She continues to tell me that four of her six children were foster kids and that they adopted them. I think to myself this is weird. The hubby and I have been talking about adopting for a while, but I was so lost reading all the literature and really needed someone to talk too. How lucky I got to meet someone who's done it four times. She continues to tell me that she adopted all her kids from the state, and it's a process that won't kill your pocket book. Her kids were originally all foster kids. Most of the cost associated with foster care or adoption are covered by state funds. At this point I'm really interested. I explain to her that we looked into an out of state adoption agency and the cost was around $30,000.00. Of course we don't have that kind of money so my hopes and dreams were crushed at the time. Now I hear this great news and I'm really excited. One of my concerns with adopting from a state agency is that these children are all special needs. I mention my concern to the nurse and she told me that all four of her foster kids who she adopted were completely healthy. She also mentioned that once she became a licensed foster care provider the calls just came in like crazy trying to place children in her home. She said she gets a lot of calls for placements of infants. Which I didn't think that was very common, but I guess it is. The nurse gave me a few numbers to call and so I did. I made the huge step and called and request the information packet and the applications to become a foster parent with the intentions of adopting that same child later on. This nurse was so nice she even gave me her extension at work and told me to call her if I have any problems. It was the strangest thing, but I think it was my destiny to be at the doctors yesterday and meet this amazing lady. The hubby and I have been trying to have another little bundle of joy for two years now, but it's just not working. It may have something to do with me fast approaching 40. I guess that I waited to late in life to start a family. It makes me realize what a precious miracle my sweet 5 year old is. I can't wait to get that package in the mail and get the ball rolling. From what I've read there is a lot to do. Such as a 27 week class to prepare you to become a foster parent, physical and a home study. I'm so ready for this challenge. Bring it on. I hope this all works out. Wish us luck.

Thanks for stopping by today and sharing in my good news.



  1. good luck. It's a big job and a good thing that there are people like you that want to take on the challenge.

  2. Good luck! Any child would be very lucky to come live in your very loving home.

  3. awe this is the sweetest post, wishing you the best and that your package and bundle of joy arrive soon after.

    Dorothy from grammology

  4. That's wonderful news! What a new and exciting adventure for you!

  5. Yeah I love it when help comes from the oddest of places.

  6. Congratulations - that is AWESOME! I would love to do something like that, too. But I've been so discouraged by people who I know who have spent years trying to adopt a child from various countries and still haven't been successful. My friends have ideal families so it's really sad that so many kids in need don't get the opportunity to be raised by wonderful parents because the system is so slow and flawed. So this sounds like one of the best ways to adopt! I've always said I'd have two biological kids and adopt a third so after baby #2 I might look into this, too! I wish you the best of luck and can't wait to check back to hear more about your journey. I hope it's smooth and wonderful!

  7. I wish you luck in your endeavors. Fostering is a hard road, but well worth it.

  8. Hi Michelle, that is great news. Goodluck, hope that the adoption process will work out just fine..

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  9. I am so excited for you on this journey. I think it is great and can't wait to follow your progress.


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