Friday, February 5, 2010

The Country Life Is The Life For Me

It's been almost nine years since we moved away from the city and to the country. We dreamed of the day we would own our own little piece of property. That dream came true back in 2001 when we purchased our newly built home. It's hard to believe that it has been that long. I've enjoyed country life immensely, but there are some downs about being so far from city life. For example when we first moved into our home we couldn't pick up any TV channels. That was easily fixed with a huge TV antenna on top of our roof. Then we had the problem of absolutely no cell phone signal. That used to drive me nuts. I was so desperate to use my cell phone at home that I almost went and purchased a cell phone signal booster. We eventually had to switch cell phone carriers in order to get some type of cell phone coverage. Though we still seem to get the occasional dropped call from time to time. All in all I've really enjoyed living in the country and you couldn't get me to move back to the city even if you paid me.


  1. :) I like it where i live, but the country sounds fun espically that my dad would probably betting the top of the tv trying to get it to work that would be it's own fun!


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