Thursday, February 25, 2010

Is It Crazy To Start Up A Business In This Day And Age?

In this day in age it's almost crazy to think about starting up a business, but people seem to still have hope and reach for their dreams. My dad just started up his own real estate business and amazingly he's doing great. Business just keeps rolling in for my dad. Just hearing this great news gives me hope that just maybe our economy is starting to pickup a little. He's been in search of several pieces of office equipment for his new business. He just told me about this great printer called the epson tm-t88iv.   He picked up this printer for its high  volume printing capabilities.  Congrats to my dad for his great success.

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  1. I started my photography business in Oct 2008 and it has grown 500% in the last two months! I am busier than I really want to be!! LOL!


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