Thursday, March 4, 2010

Having The Perfect Complexion

I'm always jealous when I see someone with a perfect complexion. My little sister is one of those people. She has skin that looks like porcelain. There's not a blemish or any acne in site. Except for her little nose. She got a bunch of blackheads just stuck in her nose. Yuck! Of course we all have problems with blackheads. Which got me thinking. What is the best way to get rid of blackheads ? I'd really love to know, because I've got a few of my own to banish.

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  1. well.. I have freckles.. and I have heard people (my doctors included) say freckles are nothing more than skin damage and age spots.. My doctor told me this! That hurt my feelings.. I mean.. I have no way to prevent them.. even with sunscreen slathered on, they still come out.. I guess I am just old. (although.. I had freckled since I was 6.. I guess I was old then too?) bah! I digress!


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