Thursday, April 29, 2010

It's Official I Have Parathyroid Disease

It's official I was diagnosed this morning with parathyroid disease. The doctor was awesome and explained everything in full detail. Plus she sent me for tons of blood work, which is never fun for me. The doctor explained that the only way to take care of this problem is to remove the tumor from my parathyroid. In the next few weeks I'll be heading out to get a scan done on my neck to locate the exact location of the tumor. I have to be honest I'm completely and utterly terrified. Gosh, I really never expected to be this sick at 40. Of course who does, right? The best news I received today is that I don't have cancer. Yeah. That was a huge fear I had before this appointment. The doctor explained that my calcium levels would actually be low if I had cancer and they are very high at this point. It's amazing to me the crazy things I started thinking when I felt like my time on this earth maybe limited. Of course the most important thing to me is how my little one is going to be taken care of. She has an amazing daddy, but he's always gone working out of town due to the poor economy. It's good to know that I hopefully have a few more decades left in this beautiful life. You guys aren't getting rid of me yet. I'm just keeping my fingers crossed that this surgery will make me feel better and that I have a healthier and happy life. Wish me luck.

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