Monday, April 26, 2010

Update On Life

My life has sure had it's up's and downs lately. Things seem to be calming down in my world and I'm so relieved. My mom's cancer is at stage one and no further treatment is needed. My house is on the market and we are hoping to sell it as a short sale. Fingers crossed. I've been really struggling with the symptoms of my new found parathyroid disease. The extreme fatigue just in golfs my life at times. I really could use some help at home these days. It's really been hard since the hubby has been working out of state. My doctor appointment is coming up this Thursday. Hopefully after this appointment I'll know more about my health problems and how to battle them. We actually had someone come and look at our house today. I was shocked. It's amazing to me how many homes are on the market or have been foreclosed on. It makes me wonder if Michigan is going to turn into a ghost town. Anyway these are the updated in my life. Keeping my chin up and staying positive.


  1. Sorry things have been so crazy for you! I know the feeling! The only good thing happening in my life is my photography business which has grown 500% since the start of the year! Keep your chin up, it will get better!!

  2. My house is for sale too. It's been about 2 months now and no takers. We've only had 3 showings though. Great comments, but no offers. I'll be so glad when it's over.

    I'm really happy to hear about your mom's cancer not progressing. I hope you find an easy way to deal with your situation too.


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