Wednesday, May 26, 2010

The Diet Is Going Well

I've been working on my weight loss plan since the beginning of March and I've lost twenty plus pounds. It's a huge accomplishment for me and I'm feeling fantastic about myself. I never realized how over weight I had become in the past five years. A lot of my weight gain is from anti-anxiety medication and of course from having a child. My cloths are finally fitting better and I'm feeling better about being in my own skin. I've even purchased a few new pairs of pants because my old pants have gotten way to big. Yeah!! The only complaint I have is that my weight loss has slowed down a bit. I really would love to lose another twenty pounds. So I came across this lipozene review. It sounds like a great weight loss supplement to try out. The reviews are very positive and it seems to have worked for many people that have had problems losing that unwanted weight. I'll have to make sure and add this to my next grocery list. It doesn't hurt to try. Right?

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  1. Good job on the weight loss. It sure is more fun putting weight on then to take if off. It will take time but I'm sure you will be able to get all the weight you want off.


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