Monday, May 3, 2010

Preparing For The Big Move

I'm not sure I mentioned it on my blog, but the hubby and I have decided to sell our house as a short-sale. Just keeping our fingers crossed that we get an offer soon.  We've been killing ourself for years in order to keep this house and we just can't do it anymore. This terrible economy has brought down our property value to devastating levels.  Plus the hubby's lay offs have really hurt our pocket book.    There is no point in keeping our house at this point and we finally realized we will never be able to regain the lost equity in our life time.  On top of all of our lost equity I've lost all of my inheritance from my grandparents that I put into this house.  To me all this spells our poor investment. So, the time has come to let it go. I'm upset and heart broken, but looking forward to a brighter future. On a positive note at least we are young enough to start over. I've been going through things and packing. It's amazing to me how much junk we've collect over a 9 1/2 year period. Actually it's shocking how much junk we have. I remember starting out as a young married couple with hardly anything to put into our home. Now, our home is busting at the seems with junk. Our garage is so full with the hubby's tools I'm thinking about getting some stainless steel drums store the tools in. What are we going to do with all this stuff?  I'm slowing throwing aways things we haven't touch in years and started filling boxes to store at my mom's house. These past few months have been so bitter sweet for me. It's amazing how life changes in just a blink of an eye.

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  1. I'm so sorry hun that you have to sell your home. If it helps anything that is in good shape could probably bring in some cash at a yard sale or on e-bay


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