Saturday, June 26, 2010

Finally An End And A Chance For A New Beginning

I finally had my big surgery this past Monday. I was completely and utterly terrified, but I knew in the end I'd be better off. The surgeon monitored my parathyroid levels through the entire surgery. Before the surgeon removed the diseased parathyroid gland my levels were sky rocking at 220, when normals levels should be roughly between 40 and 60. Yes, I was one sick girl. I no longer have a diseased parathyroid gland to deal with. I received my pathology report back yesterday regarding the tumor that I've been caring around for years in my neck. The tumor is benign. Yeah no cancer!! If this diseased had never been diagnosed it would of been the death of me. I would of eventually ended up with kidney and heart damage. Among other organ damage. This disease would of cut my life expectancy in half. The surgeon stated that eventually I would die from some type of heart problem.

My energy level seems to be coming back slowly and the pain is less each and every day from the surgery. I've also noticed that the pain in my legs is almost gone. Though the big concern today is my calcium levels. I have extremely low calcium on top of some severe osteoporosis. Lately I've had tingling in my hands and feet, which is a sign of extremely low calcium in your body. The doctor has me on 3,000 mg of calcium per day just until my levels get back to normal. It's shocking how this disease has caused such severe health and personal problems in my life. It's going to take years to get my bones back in working order. It's been a long six years being sick, but I'm looking forward to living a more healthy and full life. It's time to leave this parathyroid disease behind me.

It's amazing to me how many years I've been sick and I just adapted to feeling like crap each day. It got to the point that it was even a struggle to take a walk to the mail box. I'm still angry at my doctors for ignoring my complaints of achy bones, extreme fatigue and blood work results that clearly displayed that I had very high calcium levels in my blood. Shame on those doctors. Needless to say that I won't be going back to that medical facility any time soon. I've found myself a new internist and of course I'll still be seeing parathyroid specialist for years to come.


  1. Glad to hear that everything went well for you. My niece had her thyroid removed and they also removed part of her parathyroid leaving her with extreme low calcium. It's been a couple of years now and things are starting to balance out for her. Hope you come back stronger than ever.

  2. That is just wonderful you are doing so good. I'm sure everyday will get just a little better for you. Hang in there and things will all come together.


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