Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Loving My Bike

We moved back to the city about a month ago and things to seem to be going smoothly. The little one is settling into her new school and I'm getting to know the area. We are still unpacking and living out of boxes. Hopefully I'll get everything unpacked in a few weeks. It's a slow process for me. A few years ago we purchased bikes for the entire family, but really had no where to ride them due to us living on a dirt road. It was a little difficult for the little one to stay on the bike and I was nervous about the traffic on our road. Now that we live in the city in a subdivision we've been riding our bikes several times per week. It's been such a great activity to do with the family. All this physical exercise has been the best fat burner. Hopefully I'll take off my unwanted twenty pounds.

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