Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Warm And Breezy Fall Days

I just love fall. Especially the days that feel warm and breezy with a slight scent in the air of those fall leaves. It's just an intoxicating feeling of peace for me. It's the perfect weather to start wearing those warm and fuzzy sweaters that you can get lost in. I even on occasion like to start wearing my long skirts with my warm and fuzzy sweaters. I'm really looking forward to visiting the cider mill this year to pick a basket of apples and enjoy a hot cup of cider. Yummy! Our little one is really looking forward to taking a hay ride and picking out her pumpkin for the Halloween festivities on the 31st.


  1. i havent been here for quite some time. how have you been :) hope you are okay..

  2. Fall is my favorite time of year! It just makes me feel happy.


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