Sunday, December 19, 2010

What To Bring For Christmas Day?

The past three years we've been spending Christmas with my cousin. We always have an amazing time and it's so great to catch up with our extended family. There are always so many great dishes to try and my cousin always puts on this fun gift exchange game. Everyone seems to have a great time while playing. Though this year I'm not sure what type of gift to bring to exchange. There always seems to be more girl gifts to exchange then there are guy gifts. The hubby and I have decided to bring a guy gift this year to exchange. I was thinking about a nice tool kit and the hubby wants to bring this huge box of amazing tasting cigars. I guess we are going to have to flip for it.  No matter the gift everyone will have an amazing time.  The best part about the night is that all the little kids get a gift from everyone.  Our little one is always in such amazement.  It's definitely a magical night for all.

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  1. When all else fails - just bring yourself. That is what I tell my friends and family.

    Have a Merry 10-4 Christmas. Willy


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