Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Credit Card Debt Is Just Plain Bad Debt

The rising credit card debt with consumers in our country is rising. I'm one of those consumers stuck with credit card debt and it drives me crazy. We've been trying extremely hard to pay our debt off, but it's taking forever. Our credit card interest rates seem to go up for no reason and of course the credit card companies refuse to help us in any way, including lowering our rate. Shame on them for not helping out good customers who have never been late on their payments. Since this down turn of our economy the hubby and I have sure changed our views on debt. We use to think there was good debt and bad debt. Good debt being a mortgage and bad debt being credit card debt. We truly believe now that all debt is just plain bad debt. Our future goals include paying off all of our credit card debt and cutting those bad cards up and paying cash for our next home. Wish us luck.

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